Psychic Moments

They say dreams are the windows of the soul–take a peek and you can see the inner workings… -Henry Bromel,  Northern Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991

This statement is one I live by. I take my dreams seriously. Yes, I have the weird, near-senseless dreams that seem to go all over the place. But I also have enlightening ones that have given me insight into my life, and the lives of others.

The best way for me to explain what I mean is to share a few stories with you. I took a nap before work yesterday and I had a dream. I dreamt that my car wouldn’t start. No matter how many times I turned the key, the ignition just wouldn’t catch.

I eventually woke up and went to work, only thinking of the dream in a fleeting moment. Then, as I was leaving with my colleagues, one of our employees informs us that his car won’t start. As it turns out I was the only one with jumper cables, so I went to my jeep and drove over to his car. Only when I put my keys in the ignition did I flash back to my dream.

My heart skipped a beat. Not because I was scared or shocked, but because I knew I had dreamt of this issue. I knew that this was why I had that dream. That was the thought that went through my head in the second I realized what was happening. I consider that feeling to be a Psychic Moment. Jumping the car didn’t solve the issue, and my employee had to catch a ride with someone else, which correlates to what happened in my dream.

In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. – William S. Burroughs

There comes a point in time where coincidence is no longer an acceptable explanation for what happens. Yes, there are some things that just kind of happen, but I don’t believe they happen all that often. I think fate, faith and will bring about Psychic Moments.

While at work on this same day, a colleague and I were listening to Pandora radio while working. I asked him what his favourite Disney song was, as that was the station we were listening to. He says “You’ve Got A Friend in Me,” and I replied, “Nice choice, it would be awesome if that song played tonight.” Pandora can be quite random with its selection, if you aren’t familiar with it. Yet the very next song that came on was that Randy Newman tune. We both freaked out with disbelief and excitement. That is a Psychic Moment in my book.