Ways of the Cancer

Cancer Symbol

The Caring Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac (June 22nd-July 21st)

Cancer the Crab is one of the most emotionally in-touch and mature of the twelve signs.  These gentle and thoughtful people are natural nurturers. They enjoying supporting their friends and family emotionally and don’t mind being the “host/hostess” for the people in their lives who they have close ties to, regardless of how they are related to them. They have an excellent maternal instinct, so are usually great with kids. They are quite protective over their loved ones, and want to maintain a sense of safety and security in their own lives in order to provide for all their significant others.

Chibi Cancer

Cancerians tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are quite sensitive and generally try to avoid getting their feelings hurt. They will retreat to their safe and secure inner world that allows them to avoid conflict and controversy.  They can be quite moody and rightfully be called crabby when they are unable to pull back from life’s bumps in the road. Those born under Cancer have been called overly cautious and sensitive due to this tendency to hide from the world.

Gothic Cancer

They have a quiet patience about them that attracts others, making people around them feel comfortable and reassured. They have a strong survival instinct and desire to protect themselves from the world, should it become less welcoming.  They love to help their loved ones succeed but don’t necessarily need that same amount of support from them. They have the drive and self-reliance to reach their aspirations on their own. Cancer folk need emotional support the most to keep them focused and balanced.

Cancer Fairy

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which invokes the feminine in all of us. Cancerians are the most in-touch with their emotions. However, they possess trust issues that may stem from their over sensitiveness, making it difficult for these folks to properly express their feelings. If this fear of trust builds up over time, it can lead these individuals down a path to misery and loneliness, or self-doubt and pity, neither of which is beneficial for the Crab.

Despite the sensitivity and tendency towards self-pity, they are still affectionate in their relationships, even if they cannot form deep emotional connections. They are loyal and dependable people who pride themselves on being able to help the people they care about the most. They enjoy being needed and find pleasure in providing for others.  They have been called clingy because of this desire to help others who may not necessarily want the aid Cancer is offering.

Moon Cancer

They are also one of the more intuitive of the Zodiac. They will make decisions based off their gut rather than their head, usually working out in their favour. They are also a Water sign, and their nature has a natural fluid motion to it. They can have over-the-top emotional expressions, like a river tumbling over a falls, or be calm and complacent as the still sea.  They are flexible people, more willing to cope with life’s changes than say Aries and Taurus, in order to avoid confrontation.

Those born under this sign have difficulty letting go of the past. As water can move to and fro, so can the Cancer mind. Immature Cancerians will hold on to pain and anguish as a reminder that life isn’t fair, leading them only to more sadness. This can be overcome if these individuals bear in mind that living in the present is most important in moving forward, and that letting go of past hurts is the only way to heal.


Those born under Cancer have a love for the home life and honouring family traditions. They want safety and security like Taurus and are excellent with their finances. They can successfully use their intelligence and intuition to nurture and support their loved ones. Some may view this as smothering, but Cancer knows their actions are sincere. Their strong will and tenacity pushes them forward in attaining and protecting their homes and hearth.

Cancer Fairy Tail

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Gamers, a Film.

It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.-Roger Ebert

In accordance with my personality, I am more than just an amateur blogger. For those of you who don’t know, I helped a good friend of mine write this amazing low-budget film last year called Gamers, a tale that focuses on the social lives of three gamers who find that everything they’ve come to know is about to change in a single, “roller coaster of emotions” kind of day. AND, it’s finally done! Now, we’re hoping to screen it this Autumn at the local theatre known as the Enzian here in Florida.

 In order to commit to that dream, a Kickstarter has been made, and here’s some info on how you can help us achieve it!

We appreciate any sort of donation, for anything and everything truly does help. Films try to tell you a story, at least, the good ones do. We hope that we can bring this story to the screen for others to experience.


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Gemini Twins BW

The youthful Twins are the third sign of the Zodiac (May 22nd-June 21st)

Gemini is known for their witty humour, vivacious communicative styles, flighty nature and open-mindedness. They are called the Twins due to their duality; they can be happy one second and irritated the next, and sometimes concurrently.

This dual-nature can be positive or negative, depending on how the unpredictable Twins react to the happenings in their lives.Their symbol is represented by a pair of males or females and sometimes one of each, depicting the two sides of the Gemini.


They are the epitome of a Jack-of-All-Trades. Geminis love to learn, and will retain just enough information about a seemingly infinite number of topics to share with anyone who will listen.

They have a tendency to change their minds over and over, and have difficulty committing to one thing, one place and even one partner. Geminis are sometimes called shallow and fickle because of this.

Being one of the most spirited of the 12 signs, these vivacious individuals possess a personality full of enthusiasm and eloquence, making them popular amongst various audiences, regardless of sex, race, orientation and age.

They attract many suitors but have an inconsistency about them that makes it difficult for Gemnis to maintain healthy romantic relationships.  Their nervous energy, lack of focus and indecisiveness can make them unreliable and can cost them opportunities.


They possess amazing skills in adaptability that can make it hard for others to truly connect with them on a deep level. Although dual-natured, Geminis are a masculine sign, so they are quicker to analyse a situation and think of a solution using logic, rather than with feelings and emotion.

They enjoy being the life of the party and hate the sound of silence in  a full room (or even with just two other people).

Their inquisitive and youthful charm, imagination and optimism allows those born under the sign of the Twins to handle the stresses of life from a brighter perspective than most.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. As represented in Roman mythology, and as Hermes in Greek mythology, Mercury is the speedy Messenger of the Gods. Known for his quick travels and clever nature,  this position also translates into the natural state of Geminians.  

These folks are extroverts and love to share what’s on their mind, making them quite approachable and able to make friends very easily.

They despise being bored and strive for an active lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually. They wish to be successful in the arena of knowledge and communication, as the flighty and magical Hermes.


The ruling element of the Twins is air, and just as the wind blows away the grey clouds of a storm, so does the lightness of Gemini.

Commonly compared to the Peter Pan archetype, the child-like Gemini can either bring people together or push people away, depending on which way their silver tongue is sliding. Their words can light up a dark day or slice one’s feelings in two, and all in one breath.

Geminians love to use their wits, humour and intellect to make each day of the lives of everyone around them a little brighter.


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Ways of the Taurus


The Mighty Bull is the second sign of the Zodiac (April 20th-May 21st).

They are known for being patient, sensual, loyal and independent, as well as persistent and stubborn. The Taurean ladies are strong, caring individuals whose sincere nature attracts a large social following. Taurean gentlemen are jovial and materialistic, and enjoy being in the company of the wealthy and influential. He strives for success in the financial aspects of his life, whilst the women under the Bull tend to have more innate financial know-how to make decisions without jeopardizing their stability and security.


Taurus is a Fixed sign, meaning that they are stable, opinionated, single-minded and persistent. Venus is this sign’s ruling planet, meaning these folks love, well, love.  They are generous and patient people, and strive to be successful, and for the most part, their consistency and determination carry them to their goals. They are faithful and dependable friends as well as passionate and fierce lovers. They’re protective romantics, meaning they will fight for what and who they love, and won’t give up on them so easily.

Venus and Taurus

Taureans love the sensual side of life, and that means good food and drink.  Taurus individuals appreciate all kinds of expressions of beauty, from paintings to music to dramatic performance. They admire the ideals of comfort and aim to obtain the finer things of  life. These folks adore the soothing, simple aspects of society, like sunset walks in the neighbourhood, having candlelit dinners, and enjoying wine and cheese with a close group of friends. They love the social scene,  so long as they are in charge of the entertainment. They can get caught up with materials and possessions, and get lost in their efforts to maintain an unstable standard of living. They can sometimes be compared with the Greek god Dionysus, the lord of wine, sensuality, the arts and fertility.


While Aries loves to play the game, Taurus loves the rewards of winning. They’ll invest as much effort and time as needed into a cause  as long as it brings them the stability and security they need. They are a practical and determinable people but have the tendency to be selfish, obstinate and unwilling to compromise if it means changing their lifestyle or their end-goals. They can even react childishly if they are told something they don’t wish to hear or believe. Just as a bull can go from calm to nuclear in seconds, so is the temper of Taurus folk. These guys don’t like to be interrupted and despise being rushed. They can become loud, violent and even abusive in order to get/keep what they want, whether its an ideal, money, possessions or a person.


Mature Taureans are more open-minded and flexible, and less manipulative and short-tempered. Their seemingly complacent disposition is how they show their inner strength. Taurus people are deep in thought, pondering their past, present and future. They contemplate ways to build up their status, help their family and friends thrive, and find that perfect balance of happiness and comfort. They have strength and willpower that others admire, and this makes them wonderful leaders, partners and parents.  Taureans have the stamina and endurance to commit whole-heartedly to their dreams, their families and their friends. They have a depth of patience that allows them to wait out the storm where others would quit, and they’ll be there for you when storms begin to brew in your life.



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Ways of the Aries

Welcome to my take on the Western Zodiac. Trying to keep it simple and fun 🙂

Aries Ram Symbol

The Fiery Ram is the first sign of the Zodiac (March 21st-April 20th)

Aries likes to be first, the head of the class and the leader of the gang. They enjoy motivating others and taking the initiative in most any setting, whether its a sport, a group project, or an outing.

They can be impulsive, headstrong and dominant. They love to compete and love winning more. Their blunt natures can be rather insensitive in their attempt to stay on top and be successful, but they’re acting in a manner that benefits the majority, (generally) not themselves. They’re spontaneous and curious, and love to help others in their efforts to live life to the fullest.


Mars is the ruling planet for Aries. This is the planet of war and aggressiveness, and Aries people are known for their go-getter, fiery and independent nature. Their charming, magnetic personalities attract all kinds of people to them. They are courageous, enthusiastic people with confidence that makes them great leaders.


It is a Cardinal sign, which traditionally means that its a corner of the four seasons of the Earth, namely the Vernal Equinox. They are also the first sign of the Western Zodiac. They are strong, self-oriented individuals that drive for success and thrive on their ability to lead.

They can be quite impulsive and have a tendency to say or do things before thinking them through. This can lead to confrontational issues. They can react in a childish manner when things don’t go as they desire and can become moody and unwilling to work with others if their ideas are shot down.

Under their passionate and positive exterior, lies insecurities and self-doubt where the stresses of striving to be successful pressure them. However, they are quite skilled at maintaining their cool and capable appearances and can almost always overcome the obstacles in their paths. They have the conviction to start and lead a project but they need the focus to commit to the follow-through.

Aries Cute

Overall, Aries is a powerful, self-driven individual with the desire to succeed and the capability to take everyone to the top with them.


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The Struggle: Being 20-Something in the 21st Century

I got my Bachelors degree in science in 2010 with the aspirations of becoming an environmental journalist.

I moved back home in 2011 and was unemployed for 5 months. My first job after graduating was at a dog kennel, quite literally picking up crap for a living. That was a pretty low moment for me…

Although this guy, known as Jedi Knight (how perfect is that?) was painfully adorable.


After nine months of not finding any jobs in the science field, and only freelance work in the journalism area, I quit the crap kennel job and took my life south, to the Sunshine State. It wasn’t a decision that I spent too much time on. A close friend and his boyfriend were moving into a larger place and they offered me their spare room. I said, “yep, what a concept,” packed up my room, packed up my car, Samwise the Brave, and finally left my beloved New York on a late snowy night in January.


I arrived in Florida in about two weeks, taking my time making my way down the coast, visiting family and friends. A wonderful idea for folks who drive thousands of miles on their own 😀


Now that I’ve been in central Florida for over two years, I’ve learned several things about my career situation. About three weeks after moving, I got a job at Universal Orlando, working in the most popular area of the theme park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


A year later, I left my robes and wand behind and took up the fight against the Decepticons with Nest and the Autobots.


And a year after that, I received a promotion and made my way to Citywalk. In the 2+ years that I’ve been with Universal, I’ve worked with hundreds of young people. Yes, hundreds. And yes, many of them are either in college or graduated. For the ones in school, many are studying hospitality, which makes sense, considering Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Then there are the ones like myself. Degrees in science, law, business, marketing, education, psychology, art, English. And unable to find jobs in their fields. We work the 9-5 beat, making ends meet, but not able to save. We’re willing to work for our dreams, but aren’t finding the opportunities. Either we are over-qualified, out of school too long or the positions aren’t there. Some of us tried the public sector and others the private sector. I was betting on a government job, but that wasn’t going anywhere fast.


I tried going to Graduate School, but its just financially infeasible. I’ve been out of school for four years now, and my credentials in science are slipping. I now have more experience in merchandise and revenue operations than I do in the field I studied in. And it’s pretty disheartening to see that there are others in the same sinking boat.

So my only outlet, my single attempt to build my career over is through this blog. I never finished my minor in journalism, as I planned on getting a masters in science and writing on the side. As I work on my third year in Florida, I’ve decided that it’s time I take a step out of this career snag, and make my dream happen with whatever tools I can gather.

I’ll take a more in-depth look into this topic throughout my time on this blog, as this is an on-going issue for many of my peers with various backgrounds. I want their stories to be heard, if they wish to share them with me.

Psychic Moments

They say dreams are the windows of the soul–take a peek and you can see the inner workings… -Henry Bromel,  Northern Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991

This statement is one I live by. I take my dreams seriously. Yes, I have the weird, near-senseless dreams that seem to go all over the place. But I also have enlightening ones that have given me insight into my life, and the lives of others.

The best way for me to explain what I mean is to share a few stories with you. I took a nap before work yesterday and I had a dream. I dreamt that my car wouldn’t start. No matter how many times I turned the key, the ignition just wouldn’t catch.

I eventually woke up and went to work, only thinking of the dream in a fleeting moment. Then, as I was leaving with my colleagues, one of our employees informs us that his car won’t start. As it turns out I was the only one with jumper cables, so I went to my jeep and drove over to his car. Only when I put my keys in the ignition did I flash back to my dream.

My heart skipped a beat. Not because I was scared or shocked, but because I knew I had dreamt of this issue. I knew that this was why I had that dream. That was the thought that went through my head in the second I realized what was happening. I consider that feeling to be a Psychic Moment. Jumping the car didn’t solve the issue, and my employee had to catch a ride with someone else, which correlates to what happened in my dream.

In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. – William S. Burroughs

There comes a point in time where coincidence is no longer an acceptable explanation for what happens. Yes, there are some things that just kind of happen, but I don’t believe they happen all that often. I think fate, faith and will bring about Psychic Moments.

While at work on this same day, a colleague and I were listening to Pandora radio while working. I asked him what his favourite Disney song was, as that was the station we were listening to. He says “You’ve Got A Friend in Me,” and I replied, “Nice choice, it would be awesome if that song played tonight.” Pandora can be quite random with its selection, if you aren’t familiar with it. Yet the very next song that came on was that Randy Newman tune. We both freaked out with disbelief and excitement. That is a Psychic Moment in my book.