Ways of the Aries

Welcome to my take on the Western Zodiac. Trying to keep it simple and fun 🙂

Aries Ram Symbol

The Fiery Ram is the first sign of the Zodiac (March 21st-April 20th)

Aries likes to be first, the head of the class and the leader of the gang. They enjoy motivating others and taking the initiative in most any setting, whether its a sport, a group project, or an outing.

They can be impulsive, headstrong and dominant. They love to compete and love winning more. Their blunt natures can be rather insensitive in their attempt to stay on top and be successful, but they’re acting in a manner that benefits the majority, (generally) not themselves. They’re spontaneous and curious, and love to help others in their efforts to live life to the fullest.


Mars is the ruling planet for Aries. This is the planet of war and aggressiveness, and Aries people are known for their go-getter, fiery and independent nature. Their charming, magnetic personalities attract all kinds of people to them. They are courageous, enthusiastic people with confidence that makes them great leaders.


It is a Cardinal sign, which traditionally means that its a corner of the four seasons of the Earth, namely the Vernal Equinox. They are also the first sign of the Western Zodiac. They are strong, self-oriented individuals that drive for success and thrive on their ability to lead.

They can be quite impulsive and have a tendency to say or do things before thinking them through. This can lead to confrontational issues. They can react in a childish manner when things don’t go as they desire and can become moody and unwilling to work with others if their ideas are shot down.

Under their passionate and positive exterior, lies insecurities and self-doubt where the stresses of striving to be successful pressure them. However, they are quite skilled at maintaining their cool and capable appearances and can almost always overcome the obstacles in their paths. They have the conviction to start and lead a project but they need the focus to commit to the follow-through.

Aries Cute

Overall, Aries is a powerful, self-driven individual with the desire to succeed and the capability to take everyone to the top with them.


Curious Scout