Ways of the Taurus


The Mighty Bull is the second sign of the Zodiac (April 20th-May 21st).

They are known for being patient, sensual, loyal and independent, as well as persistent and stubborn. The Taurean ladies are strong, caring individuals whose sincere nature attracts a large social following. Taurean gentlemen are jovial and materialistic, and enjoy being in the company of the wealthy and influential. He strives for success in the financial aspects of his life, whilst the women under the Bull tend to have more innate financial know-how to make decisions without jeopardizing their stability and security.


Taurus is a Fixed sign, meaning that they are stable, opinionated, single-minded and persistent. Venus is this sign’s ruling planet, meaning these folks love, well, love.  They are generous and patient people, and strive to be successful, and for the most part, their consistency and determination carry them to their goals. They are faithful and dependable friends as well as passionate and fierce lovers. They’re protective romantics, meaning they will fight for what and who they love, and won’t give up on them so easily.

Venus and Taurus

Taureans love the sensual side of life, and that means good food and drink.  Taurus individuals appreciate all kinds of expressions of beauty, from paintings to music to dramatic performance. They admire the ideals of comfort and aim to obtain the finer things of  life. These folks adore the soothing, simple aspects of society, like sunset walks in the neighbourhood, having candlelit dinners, and enjoying wine and cheese with a close group of friends. They love the social scene,  so long as they are in charge of the entertainment. They can get caught up with materials and possessions, and get lost in their efforts to maintain an unstable standard of living. They can sometimes be compared with the Greek god Dionysus, the lord of wine, sensuality, the arts and fertility.


While Aries loves to play the game, Taurus loves the rewards of winning. They’ll invest as much effort and time as needed into a cause  as long as it brings them the stability and security they need. They are a practical and determinable people but have the tendency to be selfish, obstinate and unwilling to compromise if it means changing their lifestyle or their end-goals. They can even react childishly if they are told something they don’t wish to hear or believe. Just as a bull can go from calm to nuclear in seconds, so is the temper of Taurus folk. These guys don’t like to be interrupted and despise being rushed. They can become loud, violent and even abusive in order to get/keep what they want, whether its an ideal, money, possessions or a person.


Mature Taureans are more open-minded and flexible, and less manipulative and short-tempered. Their seemingly complacent disposition is how they show their inner strength. Taurus people are deep in thought, pondering their past, present and future. They contemplate ways to build up their status, help their family and friends thrive, and find that perfect balance of happiness and comfort. They have strength and willpower that others admire, and this makes them wonderful leaders, partners and parents.  Taureans have the stamina and endurance to commit whole-heartedly to their dreams, their families and their friends. They have a depth of patience that allows them to wait out the storm where others would quit, and they’ll be there for you when storms begin to brew in your life.



 Curious Scout