Gamers, a Film.

It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.-Roger Ebert

In accordance with my personality, I am more than just an amateur blogger. For those of you who don’t know, I helped a good friend of mine write this amazing low-budget film last year called Gamers, a tale that focuses on the social lives of three gamers who find that everything they’ve come to know is about to change in a single, “roller coaster of emotions” kind of day. AND, it’s finally done! Now, we’re hoping to screen it this Autumn at the local theatre known as the Enzian here in Florida.

 In order to commit to that dream, a Kickstarter has been made, and here’s some info on how you can help us achieve it!

We appreciate any sort of donation, for anything and everything truly does help. Films try to tell you a story, at least, the good ones do. We hope that we can bring this story to the screen for others to experience.


Curious Scout




The Best of Netflix, My Baked Edition

Ok so sometimes when I’m off from work, I like to sit back, turn on my XBox, take a hit and shift into chill mode. I have a select playlist of shows and movies that I watch,  depending on my level of buzzed-ness, (and if I have crap to do in the morning). So ladies and gents, here it is, my  Top Ten shows/movies (in no specific order) to watch whilst partaking in herbal medicine.

First, the animated guys.

10. The Amazing World of Gumball

The  show follows a blue cat named Gumball, his brother Darwin, an orange goldfish that was originally his pet but grew legs and joined the family (like, right off the bat this jank is cray), and their younger sister Anais, a pink rabbit. They exist in a half 2-D, half photographed, partially stop-motioned world. And it’s freaking insane, sometimes. It has witty humour, original stories, and is fast-paced enough to keep from becoming boring or tiresome. This clip alone details how truly entertaining this kid’s show is.

And this one shows how badass his sister Anais is.


9. Chobits

The story is a little slow but makes up for it in it’s profound way of expanding a tale about souls in machines. Chobits gives us the chance to dive into the theories behind the spiritual and psychological impact of sentience in technology. The characters have personalities you can, for the most part, relate to, despite the show’s tendencies to be somewhat scandalous.  The effects that these computers have on people are also examined from a more dramatic and romantic standpoint, and delivers some adorable feels.  And all the while you’re blazed away,  trying to wrap your mind around a softer “ghost in the shell” concept. This show is for when you’re at a deeper level of self-reflection.


8. xxxHolic

Another anime worth mentioning, is about a high school kid named Watanuki who can see with this Third-Eye, meaning he can see into the spirit realm, and the spirits can see him. The show chronicles how he ends up working for this magical witch named Yuko who grants wishes for people, but of course at a price. She helps Watanuki control his abilities by giving him jobs and chores that are helping to build on his strengths and empower his will. It’s also a little unique in its animation style, as the artist manga group that created the series known as a CLAMP, (also the creators behind Chobits) have designed them with exaggerated limbs. It makes the characters seem way more warped than normal and its kinda crazy to watch when you’re flying on cloud nine. Plus, they came up with the coolest supernatural stories, on top of creating characters that are pretty charming.


7. Archer

If you don’t know who Sterling Archer is, what are you doing with your Netflix? This should be in your Recently Watched pile. Because it’s smart and hilarious. It has been dubbed  “James Bond meets Arrested Development,” which I totally agree with.  The story follows a dysfunctional spy agency where the controlling and selfish boss is the mother of lead spy Archer, who deals with the stress of his relationships with alcohol and other abusive/self-centred tendencies. Sounds amazing, right?? With the comic book style animation (like Frisky Dingo, another great one by the same creator) absolutely killer voice work, and the “beyond the typical” one-hit jokes, Archer is a solid one to watch when your enjoying a hit with friends.


6. Bob’s Burgers

Now if you’re familiar with the voice actor H. Jon Benjamin, then you know that he plays the lead in both Bob’s Burgers and Archer. I personally think that watching Archer first then Bob is amazing. Bob is so different from Archer that’s its mindbogglingly weird to listen to the same voice. But, the show’s younger characters really steal the spotlight. They’re gross, clever, selfish and awkward and really bring the tale some charm while you’re sailing through the sky. Plus,  how can you not love Louise??


5. The Super Hero Squad

This magnificent diamond in the rough was cut down by Netflix during the monthly Purge of June 2014. However, its all over YouTube so you can easily find it there. This show was colourful and fast, full of quick quirks and witty side comments. The animation was bright and lively. It did have some repeated scene work and character motions as well as shots that seem to last longer than they should, which can get annoying or confusing, or even hilarious when stoned. On the plus-side, it was basically the Avengers without the slow drama and busy romanticism of other shows, and featured more characters from the comics than the current film installations. It followed the Marvel Universe outline and delivered on its story.  Just check out the opening credits, its mind-blowing how cool the animation is, how many characters you see and how unbelievably catching their song is.


Now, the live-action fellas.


4. Wilfred

The story of a depressed-suicidal man and his relationship with his neighbour’s “dog,” whom he sees as a dude in a full-bodied dog costume.  Intense emotional antics and mentally stimulating acrobatics soon follow, and its impossible to not get caught up in Ryan’s desire to know just what and why the hell Wilfred….is. Plus they smoke weed and its awesome.


3. The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled

You always need a marijuana movie on a list like this! Its fairly new to Netflix, but its older brother Super High Me is already on the digital streaming centre stage. Made by the same guy, this documentary tells of Doug Benson’s travels across some of the U.S. on his comedy tour, completely blazed and its amazing to watch somebody else be high.


2. An Idiot Abroad

This reality show is pretty solid. A camera crew follows this Brit named Karl, who’s friends with comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, as he travels the world on assignment to “experience the seven wonders of the world” (season 1) and then to complete the most popular items on Bucket Lists (season 2). I personally find this show to be quite funny and Karl to be very believable and even charming, especially in the first few episodes. His reactions to the different situations he encounters I believe is how most people would naturally react, or at least internally react. If I went to the Great Pyramids of Giza and saw litter everywhere I would have choice words to say and share, but you don’t see that on regular travel shows. His humour sells the show but the visual aspect of where he’s going brings it home, so to speak. I may never see the Great Wall of China in my life, but he and the crew travel to the lesser-known parts and share them with the world. This show brings authenticity to the realm of the Travel Documentary and I hope it never loses its originality. And enjoying a bit of the ganja while watching this definitely brings out more of its charm, too.(Here’s a bit from when Karl was in China and Ricky set him up to have a meal with a family in a more rural setting along the wall).


1.  Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky.

This documentary is definitely the most memorable and meaningful out of this whole lot. It’s super deep, emotionally, psychologically and philosophically. A film maker interviews the famed intellect Noam Chomsky and asks him some of the big questions, as well as his own take on certain worldly topics. The conversation itself is actually quite monotonous. If it wasn’t for the animation, I doubt it would be as easy to follow or as mesmerizing. And even as the story of their talk is going on, the questioner himself is commenting on top of it, discussing his thoughts as he was speaking with Chomsky, and again while he was building the animation.  This is for one of those deep highs, with other serious and like-minded people, and definitely not for light-hearted parties. I give it a 10/10 and the number one spot.


The film is so visually open that as you dive deeper into the movie you start to lose your awareness of the outside world and its demands. You have the ability to truly listen to the message Chomsky is trying to share without getting lost in his words. You can also achieve this by watching the film normally, of course. I just find it easier to connect to it all when the stresses of my modern life aren’t infringing on my Mind’s Eye, which I can only achieve when I’m either meditating or “herbally” medicating.



I hope you enjoyed my list, I know I enjoyed going through Netflix and YouTube searching for the best clips and getting caught up in tangents everyone slips into when you click on some of those suggested videos while baked. There’s a good chance I’ll come back and edit this, but I’m not worrying about it. Right now I’m focused on the questions proposed in Noam Chomsky’s movie because my goodness that jank is trippy.


Curious Scout



The Struggle: Being 20-Something in the 21st Century

I got my Bachelors degree in science in 2010 with the aspirations of becoming an environmental journalist.

I moved back home in 2011 and was unemployed for 5 months. My first job after graduating was at a dog kennel, quite literally picking up crap for a living. That was a pretty low moment for me…

Although this guy, known as Jedi Knight (how perfect is that?) was painfully adorable.


After nine months of not finding any jobs in the science field, and only freelance work in the journalism area, I quit the crap kennel job and took my life south, to the Sunshine State. It wasn’t a decision that I spent too much time on. A close friend and his boyfriend were moving into a larger place and they offered me their spare room. I said, “yep, what a concept,” packed up my room, packed up my car, Samwise the Brave, and finally left my beloved New York on a late snowy night in January.


I arrived in Florida in about two weeks, taking my time making my way down the coast, visiting family and friends. A wonderful idea for folks who drive thousands of miles on their own 😀


Now that I’ve been in central Florida for over two years, I’ve learned several things about my career situation. About three weeks after moving, I got a job at Universal Orlando, working in the most popular area of the theme park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


A year later, I left my robes and wand behind and took up the fight against the Decepticons with Nest and the Autobots.


And a year after that, I received a promotion and made my way to Citywalk. In the 2+ years that I’ve been with Universal, I’ve worked with hundreds of young people. Yes, hundreds. And yes, many of them are either in college or graduated. For the ones in school, many are studying hospitality, which makes sense, considering Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Then there are the ones like myself. Degrees in science, law, business, marketing, education, psychology, art, English. And unable to find jobs in their fields. We work the 9-5 beat, making ends meet, but not able to save. We’re willing to work for our dreams, but aren’t finding the opportunities. Either we are over-qualified, out of school too long or the positions aren’t there. Some of us tried the public sector and others the private sector. I was betting on a government job, but that wasn’t going anywhere fast.


I tried going to Graduate School, but its just financially infeasible. I’ve been out of school for four years now, and my credentials in science are slipping. I now have more experience in merchandise and revenue operations than I do in the field I studied in. And it’s pretty disheartening to see that there are others in the same sinking boat.

So my only outlet, my single attempt to build my career over is through this blog. I never finished my minor in journalism, as I planned on getting a masters in science and writing on the side. As I work on my third year in Florida, I’ve decided that it’s time I take a step out of this career snag, and make my dream happen with whatever tools I can gather.

I’ll take a more in-depth look into this topic throughout my time on this blog, as this is an on-going issue for many of my peers with various backgrounds. I want their stories to be heard, if they wish to share them with me.